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bclip Cupcake

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bclip, simply a bib!
The bclip's two magnetic clips instantly hold all tissues and paper towels and turn them into a bib.

Its portable design makes it easy to store and transport. The bclip will quickly become indispensable both at home and outside.

Its ergonomic shape and soft material make it perfectly comfortable for young children, from 6 months. It is ideal for meals and creative activities.

It is perfect both at home and on the go: in the restaurant, on vacation, with family or friends. Its nomadic design allows it to be stored and transported easily: it will slip easily into a bag or a pocket!

As it is magnetic, it fits on the fridge: you will also always have it at hand during meals at home.

Practical, the bclip is also hygienic: it is very easy to clean and with it, no more dirty bibs in the bag!



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