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Voyagez avec Bébé - se munir des indispensables

Traveling with Baby - bring the essentials

Traveling with Baby - bring the essentials

It's summer ! The holidays are fast approaching and you will finally be able to enjoy sweet family moments. But to avoid any unpleasant surprises, it is better to think ahead about the comfort of your baby at your vacation spot! To follow up on our article on the essentials for traveling with baby , so today we share with you the essentials to have on vacation.

Here is our checklist of the accessories that it is good to have on site for a peaceful and comfortable holiday:

– His cuddly toy : or any other object essential to his bedtime ritual! whether it's a comforter, a stuffed animal, a small blanket, a music Box or a nightlight… try not to forget it! Finding these familiar elements at bedtime will allow baby not to be too disturbed by the change of place.

-Bclip : baby has a superpower, he soils bibs at lightning speed! Take a bclip with you to help you out: it turns any towel or fabric into a bib. Very practical during restaurant meals or when all the bibs are dirty! Easy to transport, store and wash, the Bclip will quickly become an essential on vacation.

– Booster seat: The nomadic booster seat allows your child to sit at the table of the grown-ups for meals in complete serenity. Perfect to take on vacation or to restaurants without having to use a high chair. Opt for a light and easy-to-carry booster seat to avoid cluttering your trunk and carry it easily when you go out.

-Sun protection: to protect your child from UV rays and prevent them from getting sick from the sun (which would be a shame on vacation), equip yourself with sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen with an index high 50+ to protect baby's fragile skin. In case of strong heat, prefer less hot hours to go out, that is before 11 am and after 5 pm in the evening.

– Fogger: A fogger will be very useful for cooling baby throughout the day during hot weather. You will find many very gentle flow models (to avoid surprising baby) in pharmacies or supermarkets.

– a light blanket or a large diaper : to spread it on the ground if you want to take an improvised break or a snack outside.

– A bathrobe: we don't think about it enough, but a bathrobe is ideal for drying baby off and keeping him warm after a swim without having to dress him entirely. Also remember to take a bamboo fiber bathrobe, very absorbent and ultra-soft, ideal for drying baby after a short swim in the water.

– Protection for stroller: it is not uncommon for a day or two of rain to invite itself on vacation, so opt for a stroller protection to be prepared for the vagaries of the weather! A water-repellent mid-season blanket is ideal for covering baby and protecting him from the wind or rain without keeping him too warm.

– Organizer bag : a BabyToLove innovation! No need to rummage at the bottom of the travel bag to find the emergency pacifier or a small bodysuit, in the Baby and Go everything is tidy and easy to access. Composed of 12 pockets of various sizes, closed by an elastic band, a flap or a zipper, it is very spacious and you can store everything you need for a stay of about 1 week. Unfold it, arrange baby's things, roll it up and slip it into its included travel bag. Once you arrive at your destination, you just have to hang it on a door and voila, you have everything you need at your fingertips!

There you go, the bag is packed! Now enjoy your holiday with a light heart.

We wish you happy family holidays!

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